Trump: Egypt may explode the Renaissance Dam!

US President Donald Trump criticized Ethiopia for building the Renaissance Dam, which Egypt might “blow up”, according to him.

The Renaissance Dam
/FW1F/Andrew Heavens / Reuters

“It is a very dangerous situation, because Egypt will not be able to live this way,” Trump said during a phone call with the Sudanese and Israeli heads of government.

He added, “They will end up blowing up the dam. I said it and I said it loud and clear: They will blow up this dam. They have to do something.”

He continued, “They should have stopped it long before its inception,” expressing his regret that Egypt was experiencing internal unrest when the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project began in 2011.

“I prepared for them an agreement, but unfortunately Ethiopia violated it, and it shouldn’t have done that. That was a big mistake,” he said.

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