Something is happening in America for the first time in 100 years

For the first time in its 100-year history, Time magazine replaced the slogan with her name on the cover, with an image of a woman with “Vote” written on her scarf, urging people to participate massively in the US elections.

In an article about its decision to change its slogan and replace it with a new one, the magazine said, “Some events will shape the next world more than the outcome of the upcoming US presidential elections, and our decision is not related to the policy proposals to be followed, but about the reality in which we collectively decide to live.”

She added, “For the first time in our nearly 100-year history, our slogan on the cover of our American version calls for the need for each of us to exercise the right to vote.” She described the American elections as “the most fateful decision any of us ever made at the ballot box.”

The new logo for the magazine represented an artistic picture of a woman wearing a scarf on her face, in reference to anonymity as well as a call for people to adhere to measures to protect against Coronavirus infection. Next November 3.

TIME Replaced Its Logo on the Cover For the First Time in Its Nearly 100-Year History. Here’s Why We Did It
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