Ukraine: A girl without underwear protests to the country’s president

An activist from the Femen movement, near the polling station in Kiev, raised her skirt to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, when he arrived to vote in the elections of local authority bodies.

The local website “Strana” said that the president arrived at the polling station with his wife to vote. As he approached the center, a girl without underwear emerged from the crowd and raised her red skirt in front of him, her body was stained a bright green color, and on her clothes was written the words Zexist.

Immediately, the president’s escort guard arrested the girl, which means that the event lasted for several seconds. Femen representatives told reporters that in this way they tried to draw attention to Zelensky’s statements that are biased against women.

The word Zexist, on a girl’s skirt, means the era of “the humorous boss who allows himself and his gang to make sexist statements.”

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