Archbishop of Toulouse: Freedom of opinion has limits and insulting of religions must stop

The French Catholic Church entered the line of crisis.

And the Archbishop of Toulouse continued, in an interview with “France Bleu”, in some cases, putting fuel on the fire through the caricatures of Charlie Hebdo magazine .. All this must be calmed down, because these caricatures are against Muslims but also against Christians.

He added in the interview about attack that killed 3 people inside a church in Nice, “I deeply believe that we should stop showing the drawings to the students because we see the consequences … by displaying these drawings, we put oil on fire … Freedom of expression has limits like all human freedoms. “.

He added, “It is better for us to insist on the slogan of the republic based on brotherhood .. We must insist on the freedom to be together, to talk together and to be brothers together. Not to insult each other.”

These statements sparked widespread controversy within the French left, who criticized the Archbishop of Toulouse, and the leader of the radical leftist “France Patriarch” movement, Jean-Luc Mélanchon, said that the bishop “justifies the crimes.”

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