“We will defend hard.” The US Commerce Department supports Trump’s decision to ban Tik Tok

The US Commerce Department said on Sunday that it would “strongly defend” an executive order issued by US President Donald Trump to ban financial transactions with the Chinese video sharing app TikTok.

The US State Department’s position comes after a court order was issued, on Friday, to suspend the implementation of the decision banning dealings with the “ByteDance” company, which owns the application, after November 11th.

The US judge, Wendy Pittleston, had stopped a decision taken by the Ministry of Commerce to start the presidential order on November 12, which would have added “ByteDance” to the list of banned companies in the United States.

The ministry added in a statement, on Sunday, that it “will keep pace with the requirements arising from the judicial ruling and have taken immediate steps to implement it, but will strongly defend the presidential order and the minister’s efforts towards its implementation from judicial challenges.”

Last August, Trump issued an order banning TikTok, along with other Chinese apps, due to national security concerns.

Trump followed his step with another order, on August 14, giving ByteDance, which owns TikTok, a period of 90 days to either sell the application or waive its business in the United States, and the order was scheduled to take effect on November 12.

The US Department of Commerce issued an order prohibiting transactions with the parent company of the TikTok application starting from September 20, and the matter was postponed to September 27, but a judge in the US Criminal Court issued a preliminary injunction that prevented the application from being stopped at that time.

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