Toyota modifies Crown luxury!

Toyota has announced its intention to release modified versions of the Crown, which ranks among the most luxurious Japanese sedans on the market.

2020 Toyota CROWN 3.5 HYBRID G Executive (S220) /…:

According to the news, the new Crown body will be 4 meters and 90 centimeters long, and will carry some minor modifications to the design of the lamps, shock absorbers and some other external elements.

But the main modification that this car will witness will involve its cabin and interior design, as the vehicle will have a completely different interface compared to those in the current Crown vehicles, and instead of the two screens in the middle of the driving interface, the vehicle will be provided with a high-resolution 12.3-inch touch screen.

This car will also get comfortable leather seats for 5 passengers, electrical systems for heating and cooling the seats, systems for heating the steering wheel, glass and side mirrors, in addition to light and rain sensors, distance sensors, front and rear cameras, and airbags to protect all passengers during accidents.

It will feature safety systems that automatically control the brakes in emergency situations, systems that can see pedestrians at night to prevent accidents, and systems to monitor the driver’s physical condition to increase safety while driving.

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