Mink massacre … execution of 10 thousand animals because of ” Corona”

A Norwegian farmer carrying a mink animal

The Prime Minister went out at a press conference today, hours ago, and said that all mink animals in Denmark must be killed, and they number 17 million, and this means that 1100 of you will be hit.

Foto: Mads Claus Rasmussen

The reason is that if a mutated corona virus (muteret) was discovered – meaning that it changed its genes, and this would be dangerous for the Danish people and the whole world, the vaccine would not be able to combat it

A total of 12 people were infected with the mink virus, and this means the infected people had a reduced sensitivity to antibodies (antistoffer).

Why is mink important to Denmark?

Denmark is by far the largest producer in the world of mink furs. The Kopenhagen Fur auction house has a global market share of up to 70% of the world. This Danish industry has one billion exports of mink leather, especially to China.

Parliament believes it will cost him between 2.3 and 2.8 million kronor in compensation to the owners of mink farms

Foto: Marius Renner

Killing all the mink will cost the state about 2.4 billion kronor. There are expenditures for cleaning, sterilization and disposal

We don’t know yet who will finance this

This is a disaster for the mink fur industry in Denmark

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