The first Russian movie on the space station starring a woman

Russian TV Channel One has announced that the Russian woman will become a main character in a Russian film about space.

International Space Station

The press office of the channel stated, in a statement, that the film will be shot on the International Space Station, and that this decision was taken by the film’s producers in the interest of the script and the popularity of the film.

Earlier, the project owners had prepared two versions of the script. The man plays a major role in the first, and in the second, the woman will play the main role in the film, according to TASS.

The film’s producers first intended to launch a competition with the participation of men and women, then unanimously agreed to give a Russian actress a key role to attract more viewers.

It is noteworthy that the space drama “Challenge” is a joint project of the Russian “Ross Cosmos” satellite institution, the first Russian TV channel, and the Russian Yellow Black and White Film Workshop.

The film will be shot in the fall of 2021 on the International Space Station. The first TV channel will soon announce a competition between Russian professional actresses to choose the main and backup actresses to play the main role in the movie “Challenge”.

The two contest winners will have to take the training course at the Astronaut Training Center on the outskirts of Moscow.

The Russian director, Klim Shibenko, known for directing the movie “Salyut-7” about the Russian astronauts, had announced earlier that he wanted to take a trip to the International Space Station to shoot the movie on board.

It is worth noting that in the fall of 2021, the American “Dragon” manned vehicle will carry director Dag Lyman and actor Tom Cruise to the International Space Station to shoot an American space movie.

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