British newspaper: Putin intends to resign soon after contracting Parkinson’s disease

The British “Daily Mail” newspaper revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to resign from his post early next year, after contracting Parkinson’s disease.

It explained that recently were released video clips of the Russian president showed his legs moving unbalanced, while he was holding the arms of a chair, in addition to other footage showing areas of penis licking in Putin’s hands and many medicines he used.

Other footage showed Putin’s right hand swinging more than the left, which was interpreted by specialists as a sign of Parkinson’s disease, according to the newspaper.

The Daily Mail reported that earlier this week, unexpected legislation appeared to have been expedited to ensure that Putin becomes a life senator.

The state-run Russian media expected the move to be seen as a sign that the basis for a final transfer of power in Russia is being laid.

Russian Professor Valery Solovy, a critic in the Kremlin, said Putin’s mistress Kabaeva, as well as his daughters Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova, had urged him to step down.

Solovy added that the president suffers from Parkinson’s disease and there is a family that has a great influence on him, and he intends to announce special handover plans and indicated that Putin will soon appoint a new prime minister to be prepared to take power.

Meanwhile, Putin regime officials continue to deny rumors about his health, singing for Putin’s sports photos, which he deliberately published repeatedly to show his personal strength.

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