Biden Chief of Staff: The US government needs to approve the move this week

The chief of staff, Joe Biden, said the federal government needs to sign the transition team effort this week so that Biden’s team can receive briefings on national security and respond to the Corona pandemic.

“What we really want to see this week … is a matter of running public services,” Ron Klein said on NBC New’s “Meet the Press.”

Klein added that the tweet of US President Donald Trump in which he acknowledged Biden’s victory – before he tweeted again to say later that he did not give up – had no effect on the truth of the elections.

“It is not Donald Trump’s tweets on Twitter that make Joe Biden president of America or not. The American people are the ones who do that,” Klein told the channel.

Trump retreated from his speech, which he first admitted to the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the elections, stressing that there was still a long way to go to determine the winner.

Trump said in a tweet that he posted on his Twitter account today, Sunday: “Biden won only in the eyes of the false media, and I did not admit anything. We still have a long way to go. The elections were rigged!”

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