Cristiano Junior breaks numbers and foretells a world journey

The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing his son, Junior, to follow his approach after his retirement, as he watches over his training and develops his physical fitness, to be the most prominent Juventus player with the youth category, and he is only 10 years old thanks to his goals that impress everyone.

Cristiano Junior had an impressive start with the “Old Lady” team, as he scored a “Super Hattrick” in the first match, then 7 goals in a friendly match against Maritmo during a friendly tournament in the city where his father was born. He also has 58 goals and 18 assists in 23. Meeting.

Junior tries to imitate his father and carries the number 7 just like him, which made followers predict him a busy career after he surpassed his peers by a large difference, and his framing by one of the most prominent players in history will benefit him in light of the will that Cristiano Ronaldo will convey to him in order to continue the work Throughout his career.

Ronaldo had expressed a desire to see his son follow his path, and he said in previous statements to “BN Sports”: “I think that my son will be like me, but he tells me that he will be better, but I think this will be difficult, because he plays with Juventus and feels The pressure is like the one that faces me every time. “

Cristiano Junior appeared in more than one photo with his father while training or participating in a mini-match, and he also shows his muscles, which began to grow thanks to the exercise he applies, which makes him a candidate for more brilliance.

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