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Corona revives sales of Christmas trees … How has this affected tree buying among American ?

Although the spread of the Corona virus has affected the economic side of the lives of many Americans, it has benefited a seasonal sector that Americans place special importance on, which is Christmas trees.

Americans usually buy between 25 and 30 million real Christmas trees, in addition to between 10 and 20 million artificial trees annually, but that number has increased by more than 29 percent this year.

According to the numbers, Americans have spent more than $ 4.5 billion on Christmas trees in 2019, and it is expected that one billion dollars will be added to this number, to represent this exceptional year’s sales, as described by the actors in the sector.

What are the reasons?

Analyst Ed Hayman says that people “spend more time in their homes this year due to the Corona virus, so they are keen to engage in activities that take them out of the gloomy atmosphere imposed on them throughout the year.”

Hayman adds that the Christmas season “has a special place in the hearts of Americans, and being keen on observing its rituals this particular year will definitely add a positive atmosphere to their lives.”

The spread of the Corona virus and the warnings of the local and federal authorities from movement and gathering have deprived many of the opportunity to spend Christmas with family and friends.

The numbers showed that more than 45 percent of American households bought at least one Christmas tree this year, and some of them bought it for the first time.

Shapes and colors

Americans’ tastes differ in the quality of the tree, from natural to plastic, and in length and size.

More than a quarter of Americans say that they have not re-experimented with selecting and cutting the tree themselves, while about 24 percent of them choose to buy Christmas trees from supermarkets, while about 15 percent of them go to farm centers devoted to trees to buy it from there.

And the competition for artificial trees has increased the market crisis, as the rate of per capita spending on a real tree may reach about $ 80, while it reaches more than $ 110 for plastic trees.

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