Video || Strange words … the last thing “lover Trump” said, the woman who was killed on the Capitol

A video clip spread on social media, showing a man standing next to the woman who was killed in the Capitol when she was hit by the fatal bullet inside Congress, while trying to help her and exposing him to her blood while doing so.

The woman who was killed on the Capitol

An eyewitness, who was present amid the demonstrations next to the woman, said:
“We broke into the rooms inside and there was a young woman who ran to the windows.” A number of police and intelligence officers were telling us, “Go back, get out, get out of the way.” But the woman did not respond to their calls, and while we were rushing to pull people from the windows, they shot her and she fell on me. ”

He continued, “The woman said the moment she was injured, it is okay, it is wonderful.”

He added, “It started moving in a strange way, and blood was bleeding from her mouth, neck and nose.”

He also said, “I was not hurt … It could have been me, but she went in first.”

the last thing “lover Trump” said the woman who was killed on the Capitol

Authorities comments on the woman’s death

Mitch McConnell, in the Senate when reopening the hearing on the woman’s incident, said:
“I know that a woman was shot and tragically lost her life .. We mourn her and we feel for her friends and family.”

He continued, “These pictures were shown to the world. Foreign capitals sent messages to report horrific scenes in the heart of our democracy .. This will be a stain on our democracy that cannot be removed easily.

The woman victim is known that she was an American citizen who supported President Trump, Ashley Bait, indicating that she was a hard-core Trump supporter. She came to Washington from California, where she was living, to support him, and Pate, 35, had served in the US Air Force for 14 years, according to Fox News.

For her part, Alina Gertz, a spokeswoman for the US police, said: The wounded woman died, while Federal Capital Police Chief Robert Conte said that an investigation committee had been formed to find out how the woman was killed.

Finally, according to the American media, the victim’s husband is still in San Diego, while his wife traveled to Washington to participate in the demonstration that Trump called for his supporters to protest his defeat in front of Joe Biden, to die there yesterday at the Pentagon.

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