Pictures || The United Nations announces the disappearance of the ozone hole over the Antarctic completely

The United Nations announced that the ozone hole formed over the Antarctic, which reached a record level in the fall of 2020, completely disappeared at the end of last December.

The disappearance of the largest ozone hole

In this regard, the World Meteorological Organization, affiliated with the United Nations Organization, said that it confirms what it announced on January 6 that “the ozone hole in Antarctica met 4 months after its appearance,” explaining that it was “the largest since monitoring began.” In this area.

Previous warnings of the United Nations

The World Meteorological Organization had warned at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva in October of last year, after studying the atmosphere in cooperation with the European Union’s “Copernicus” agency to monitor the atmosphere, warning that the ozone hole above the Antarctic had reached its maximum range in general. 2020 and has become among the largest and deepest in recent years.

The ozone hole is defined as the thin region of the ozone layer in the atmosphere of the planet, where this phenomenon occurs in Antarctica during the winter season, but the matter is not as understood by many, that there is a hole or a hole or the disappearance of this layer as the name indicates, but rather It is a process of depletion of this layer due to chemical reactions that include substances such as chlorine and bromine, which affect the layer in the Antarctic region.

Benefits of the ozone layer

One of the most important factors in the survival and continuation of life on Earth is the presence of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, where the ozone layer blocks 99% -95% of the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer for humans.

It forms a shield to protect and protect the earth from the harmful rays that come from the sun, thus ensuring the environmental balance so that life continues on Earth in its nature.

The main reason for the hole in the ozone layer is human activities, and chlorofluorocarbon gases have a big role in this phenomenon, as these chemical compounds were manufactured in 1928, and one of the characteristics of these compounds is that they are non-flammable and non-toxic as well, and these compounds have many uses in the field of Air conditioning, cooling and cleaning of electronic parts, in addition to their use in sprays that emit pesticides, deodorant, perfumes, and other materials that humans use in their daily lives.

Among the damages resulting from the hole in the ozone layer and its decrease in the atmosphere by 25% also comes a decrease in immunity for a large number of people, in addition to their skin cancer, especially for people with white skin.

Damaged furniture in homes, increased incidence of burns and surges, in addition to eye injuries with blue water. And ultraviolet rays leak at the ozone hole, and thus toxic ozone begins to form at the surface of the earth, which leads to damage to living organisms and a slowdown in the chlorotic reaction.

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