Via the coffin dance video .. Telegram mocks WhatsApp after the recent change in user privacy

The Telegram account on Twitter posted a snapshot mocking the WhatsApp application, after the latter changed the terms of use.

The clip spread on the media shows a band carrying a coffin and dancing with it, a video that spread months ago on social media, in a sarcastic reference to the end of the WhatsApp application after the new conditions.

And written on the coffin a request to agree to the new terms of use on a black background with a green OK button, which is the distinctive color of the WhatsApp application.

The Signal messaging app topped the list of the most downloaded apps on the Apple Store and Google Play stores in several countries since WhatsApp announced that more user data would be shared with the parent network, Facebook.

The new WhatsApp application terms sparked a controversy among service users around the world, and some questioned how the application was granted approval of the new terms of use without knowing them in detail.

Celebrities like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for example, have suggested using apps like Telegram or Signal.

The Signal application on Twitter stated that it was at the top of the list of most downloaded applications in India, Germany, France and Hong Kong during the past days.

To attract more new users, Signal published a simple explanation of the usage rules to help them easily transfer their conversations from another messaging application.

And the app’s popularity caused technical problems on Thursday and Friday. The company explained that “the verification codes are currently delayed (…) because many people are trying to join Signal at the present time.”

Signal experts, which was launched in 2014, classify it as one of the most secure messaging applications in the world, especially in terms of complete encryption of messages and voice or video communications between the two ends of the communication.

The WhatsApp application asked its users recently to agree to new terms of use, allowing it to share more data from its two billion users around the world with Facebook, which owns the application, which sparked widespread criticism.

WhatsApp users who will refuse to accept the new terms will be banned from using their accounts as of February 8th.

The owner company is seeking to achieve greater cash revenues by allowing advertisers to communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, or even to sell their products directly through the platform, which is what the network began working with in India.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement that data that may be shared between WhatsApp and the Facebook system of applications, such as Instagram and Messenger, includes contacts and profile information, while not including the content of messages that remain encrypted.

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