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Video || A famous British boxer warns people of Corona in the hospital … he gasps as if he is fighting

Paddy Doherty shared a video from inside the hospital to explain about Corona

A famous British boxer named Paddy Doherty shared with him a video clip from inside the hospital, while he was panting and in pain after contracting the Coronavirus and double pneumonia, warning others that Corona was not a joke.

The 61-year-old big boxer posted the video, which went viral.

As he appeared tired, on his hospital bed, where he was placed on an oxygen ventilator.

Due to his infection with the Covid 19 virus, he is urging his followers to be careful amid the ongoing deadly epidemic.

The famous boxer said during his speech:
“Hello everyone, it is me. I want to thank all of you. Thank you to each of you for praying for me .. I pray to God and thank my God .. I am in a little dangerous condition, but I am alive.”

So I want to tell everyone, it is not a joke, and the Corona epidemic is far from joking, be careful, keep a distance between you, I know that saying is easier than doing. ”

He also called on his followers to follow safety instructions and precautionary measures against Corona in order to preserve the safety of others, if not for themselves.

“He was tired and had been lying in bed for two full days,” Paddy’s business manager confirmed, according to the Metro newspaper.

Since his wife decided to take him to the hospital, last Wednesday, but he was refusing continuously, and she said: “His family asked him for an ambulance and they told him that if he did not ride, there is a possibility that he would die.”

While the Badi family published the details of what happened with him, confirming his infection with the virus, asking his followers and loved ones to pray for him for his salvation from Corona and his safe return.

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