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Excessive attachment to digital devices weakens the eyes .. Tips to improve vision health

The transition to distance learning and staying for long periods of time behind the screens of computers, mobiles, and tablets can lead to poor eyesight and rapid development of myopia.

Tips for healthy vision

Russian ophthalmologist Anastasia Kononova published a study in which she talked about the most important steps for healthy vision.

The expert noted that the occurrence of nearsightedness or farsightedness does not mean that a child or adult becomes blind, and we must follow these tips:

Many mothers begin to panic because, as they say, their children lose their sight due to a computer or smartphone. Children only need optics that fit their eyes. In addition, all complaints of children and adults about fatigue and difficulty focusing eyes are not related to poor eyesight, but to fatigue after using a computer and sitting for a long time on digital devices.

Dryness and redness are related to the fact that we eyelash less and the eye is not hydrated.

We look at the screen for hours, which places a powerful burden on the adaptive eye system, making it possible to see well objects near and far.

And immediately there is a feeling that vision has deteriorated significantly.

But once the eyes are rested, all these uncomfortable sensations will disappear, according to the doctor.

However, for people with eye problems, some diseases can develop due to this prolonged effort, and this is really a reason to visit an ophthalmologist.

The doctor added that a lack of vitamin D can lead to vision deficiency and weakness.

The expert pointed out that the less the child appeared on the street and was exposed to the sun, the slower the process of forming eyeballs.
The vision of a healthy person is fully formed at the age of 17-18 and does not change in any way until the age of 40-42.

To stop poor eyesight, it is necessary to observe hygiene:
If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, keep it clean.

It is best to place it just below eye level so that the vision devices do not tire so quickly.

Give your eyes a rest every hour and a half or two hours. To do this, you just need to step away from your computer screen and look at something calming you down.

The doctor also recommended diversifying the diet to include more fruits, vegetables, wild fish, and the necessary pigment lutein for a “healthy appearance.”

Among the healthy foods that benefit the health of the eyes: egg yolks, spinach and kale, with the expert denying the opinion that blueberries improve visual function

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