Video || Sleepiness prevails over former US President Bill Clinton during Joe Biden’s speech

Former US President Bill Clinton fell asleep, while he was attending the speech of the new president, Joe Biden, at a historic inauguration ceremony that the latter completed in front of the Capitol on Wednesday, according to the traditions in the country.

Drowsiness overcomes Bill Clinton on Inauguration Day

The inauguration ceremony witnessed extreme security restrictions, while the attendance was limited to a thousand people only, as the ceremony on the grounds of the Capitol Building was attended by former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden was sworn in today at noon, to become the forty-sixth president of the United States, under the slogan of “restoring unity” to a divided people after four years of Donald Trump’s populist rule.

A milestone in the traditions of American democracy

From his first inauguration in 1789 with First President George Washington until Biden assumed office in 2021, the inauguration ceremony remained a milestone in the traditions of American democracy rooted in the nation’s history.

Biden called in a speech after the oath for unity, pledging to defeat the belief in the supremacy of the white race and internal terrorism, praising a day of hope and victory for democracy.

And Kamala Harris was sworn in as the forty-sixth Vice President of the United States, who went down in history by electing the Vice President of the United States to become the first woman, the first black American and the first Asian American to occupy the second-highest American office.

Two weeks after Trump supporters blockaded the Capitol

The ceremony began at the US Capitol headquarters two weeks after Trump’s supporters besieged the building, while former President Donald Trump ignored the inauguration ceremony, announcing that he would not attend it, while former President Jimmy Carter, 96, was unable to attend.

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