Full details of the assassination plot for US presidential candidate Joe Biden

US federal authorities said they have arrested a 19-year-old man on charges of drawing a plot to assassinate the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Mugshot of Alexander Treisman, arrested after making threats to kill Joe Biden.
Source: Kannapolis Police Department Photo

The authorities revealed that they had arrested Alexander Hillel in North Carolina, and said that the accused stayed in a hotel just four miles from Biden’s home in Delaware.

Police reported that the young man lives in New Hampshire, and reported that he began drawing his scheme after it became clear last March that Biden would be the Democratic candidate for the presidency.

According to federal court documents, the defendant caught the attention of the authorities after he questioned on social media whether he should kill Joe Biden, and for the authorities, the threat was not idle.

The police searched his truck to find four rifles, a 9mm pistol, explosive materials, and books about bomb making, in addition to the half a million dollars he believed had been obtained from the inheritance.

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