3-year-old girl rescued alive after 91 hours trapped under rubble in Turkey earthquake

The moment of rescuing child Ida

Child Ida (4 years old) was the 107th person who was rescued from under the rubble of destroyed buildings. Her accident was described as a “miracle” after she continued for that long, alive without water or food, and with a short breath.

Nasrat Aksoy, a member of the Turkish search and rescue teams in Izmir, tells the story, saying that he saw the child under the rubble stuck next to the dishwasher as she waved her hand to draw his attention.

Child Ida … Holding hope and life

When he heard a call from under the rubble, he asked his colleagues to stop working and stop the generators and machines. And he called out to her, “What is your name?”, And she replied, “Ida, and I’m fine.”

Immediately, the story of Ida aroused the affection of thousands of those who transmitted her pictures, most notably the Swedish singer of Lebanese origin, Maher Zain, who wrote on his Instagram account: “God willing, God bless her life! I hope her family will be fine.”

Rescue teams recounted details of the moments of saving the little girl “Aida Ghazgin”

Ibrahim Topal, who works with the IHH Humanitarian Relief Agency, said in a press statement that the child Aida was trapped in the rubble of a kitchen, inside a “triangle of life” (a place of survival) provided by the refrigerator, washing machine and safes.

The first moment between Ida and her father

He pointed out that he was with the girl’s father the moment she was pulled out of the rubble, indicating that she came out with a bright white face, as if she was not emerging from under the rubble.

Atal Hapschurman, an employee of the disaster and emergency management team in Izmir, who heard the child’s voice from under the rubble, said that from the first day they had never lost hope in finding survivors under the rubble.

He pointed to the extent of the relief teams’ keenness to rescue stranded people, adding: “We have shown the extent of our concern for public opinion by pulling out even cats and dogs while they are alive.”

For his part, Samih Toofan, who provided first aid to the child, said that she asked for milk and water as soon as she contacted her, and she repeated this request several times.

He explained that they applied serum to her, and she was very good and happy, despite the feelings of fear she had under the rubble.

On Tuesday, the specialized teams succeeded in removing the girl Aida Ghazgin from under the rubble and transporting her to the hospital to receive the necessary health care.

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