The Armenian National Security Service announces that an attempt to assassinate Pashinyan has been foiled

The Armenian National Security Agency announced, this evening, Saturday, that it has thwarted an attempt to assassinate the country’s Prime Minister, Nikole Pashinayn.

The Armenian National Security Agency confirmed the detention of its former president and leader of the “homeland” party, Artur Vanitsyan, and the leader of the volunteer fighters group “Ashot Yarkat” in Karabakh, Ashot Minassian, and a number of politicians and others.

He said that Minassian, who adheres to anti-government views and rejects its foreign and domestic policies, collected large quantities of weapons and explosives and illegally transported them to the city of Sisian in Armenia.

The security service stated that Minassian conspired with a number of opposition politicians, including Vanitsyan, with the aim of killing the Prime Minister and changing power in Armenia.

Earlier on Saturday, Armenian authorities arrested Vanitsyan on charges of attempting to usurp power and preparing to assassinate the prime minister, his defense team said.

In recent days, Armenia has witnessed unrest and protests calling for Pashinyan’s resignation in response to his signature on November 9 of the joint statement with the Azerbaijani presidents, Ilham Aliyev, and the Russian, Vladimir Putin, on the cessation of hostilities in Karabakh.

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