A meteor falls on an Indonesian youth and turns him into a millionaire

An Indonesian working in the manufacture of coffins turned into a millionaire in several moments, after a meteorite fell on his house weighing more than 2 kg, and its price is more than 1.8 million dollars

The British newspaper, “Metro”, quoted by Indonesian media, today, Wednesday, that “Joshua Hotagaling” (33 years old) was working on making a coffin outside his home in the town of Kulang, northern Indonesia, when a stone broke through the roof of his house and fell from the sky to settle inside the room.

Joshua said: “When my hands touched the stone it was still hot and I realized that it had descended from space. Because it is impossible for anyone to have thrown it at my house. ” Young Indonesian

The newspaper noted that the stone weighs 2.1 kg and is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old, confirming that it is of a very rare type, and its value is about (1.8 million dollars).

The newspaper added that Joshua, who has three children, achieved a price of stone equivalent to his income for about 30 years, and that he decided to build a church in his village.

The Indonesian millionaire said: “I gave birth to three children and always dreamed of having a child, and I think that the fall of the stone is a sign of good luck that I will have a child.”

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